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The Hotel Collective is a cooperative model, represented by Nuvho, through which independent hoteliers and small groups are empowered to achieve cost effective goods, services, distribution solutions and access to the tools to improve direct conversion.




Access a renowned global hospitality procurement platform with market beating prices and 10% rebate on purchases.




Access more competitive commission rates and alternative channels at competitive rates to reduce the blended cost of distribution.




Utilise leading platforms and software tools to optimise direct conversion while concurrently increasing transaction value.

Membership of The Hotel Collective includes a range of optional platform tools that produces a significant cash-positive outcome relative to the cost of The Hotel Collective.



Booking Platform

 Opt-in to our high-conversion booking platform powered by Simple Booking to significantly increase direct booking conversion rates.



Purchasing Platform

Get access to our global procurement purchasing platform with comprehensive savings plus 10% quarterly rebates.



Tours Platform

Resell, tours, activities and transfers before, during and after guest stays and earn commission on every transaction, in partnership with Hero Explorer.



Learning Platform

Access our learning and employee management platform with access to free basic training as well as hotel focussed accredited training.

As well as cash positive outcomes, significant value add and operational efficiency outcomes are present for members of The Hotel Collective.



Reduced OTA Fees

The bigger the membership base of The Hotel Collective, the stronger negotiation position we have to reduce OTA commission.



Direct Conversion

Convert up to 6 times more direct traffic with features including OTA rate check, rate match, inbuilt CRM, upselling and offline conversion.



Commission Free

List your inventory on our alternative direct distribution channels at zero percent commission, forever.

Cost Efficiencies

 Save money on a range of subscriptions and typical serviced accommodation goods and services.

Group Marketing

 Benefit from a group approach to direct marketing with monthly, quarterly and incidental campaigns to drive commission-free direct traffic.

Employee Management

 Manage employees from induction to termination with a white-label employee management system.

Membership of The Hotel Collective comes at a fixed monthly fee of $299 through which you can more than offset the cost through savings and increased direct conversion. Express interest for our introductory offer of six months free with a one-year contract!

Want to learn more about The Hotel Collective? Download our whitepaper or visit our direct distribution sites!



White Paper

 Understand the why and how of The Hotel Collective to see if we are the right fit for you!



OTA Site

Acting as an extension of your direct channel, all bookings generated through this channel come at 0% commission.



Nuvho Hotels

List your properties with us to access reduced OTA commission rates and benefits. Zero percent on bookings, forever.